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Shafra saw the light in 2020, and was the brainchild of two Arab ladies. It is a company specialized in analyzing the genetic code of individuals. The reports that Shafra provides include a wide range of information that help individuals dive into the secrets of their bodies and their personal qualities. From a small saliva sample, you can uncover your genetic code and find what helps you improve your lifestyle and directs you towards decisions related to your genetic health.

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How it works

Your genes are part of the story

Our genetic codes are part of the equation, they are not the whole story. While our genes influence us directly, other non-genetic factors that also influence us; like

  • Our lifestyle
  • Nutrition
  • The environment we grow up and live in
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How it works

Sail into the depths of your genetic code with our eased process for only $300!

We take your hand on the path of discovering your body’s secrets,
and enhancing an optimal lifestyle for your genetic code.


Order your kit through our website; receive it at your door steps


Put a sample of your saliva in the designated container as instructed


Discover your personal qualities, your nutrition and your fitness for the first time!


Now it's time to choose what suits you and to invest in your body

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